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Choi Jin Hyuk’s agency G-Tree Creative will be taking legal action against malicious comments

Actor Choi Jin-hyuk's agency, JTreeCreative, announced legal action against false dissemination and malicious slander. 2

On October 24, JTreeCreative announced that it decided to proceed with the legal countermeasures against the distribution and misrepresentation of false facts about Choi Jin-hyuk to the official fan cafe 'The Real' of Choi Jin-hyuk. 

The agency said in its posting that "We have confirmed that there are a lot of false positives and malicious accusations against the actors in the current community." We decided to proceed with the legal response and we would like to receive feedback from our fans. " He said. 

In addition, I posted a detailed description of how to save the report as a PDF file and posted an email address to report. 


agency, not a tree Creative through 24 days For quiz official fan cafe, "belonging actor in a number of communities "We have decided to proceed with the legal response and we are going to receive feedback from our fans," he said. 

"We will continue to make efforts to protect the interests of our actors through continuous data collection," he added. 

Choi Jin-hyuk has played the role of the main character Naho-sik / Chun-woo-bang in the SBS drama 'The Empress of the Empress', which recently opened. However, due to the scheduled schedule, he did not attend the 4th extension. 


Currently he is preparing for an overseas fan meeting, and his next film was directed at KBS2 drama 'Inner Circle'. 

Choi Jin-hyuk has been on the SBS drama "The Empress's Dignity", which was broadcasted from last November, and played as the main character Nae-king. The popularity of "Empress" was extended to 52 episodes, which increased from 48 episodes to four episodes. However, Choi Jin-hyuk did not attend the extended episode due to overseas schedule and got off. 

Meanwhile, Choi Jin-hyuk will hold a fan meeting in Taiwan on the 28th.