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Choi Tae Joon and Hwang Jung Eum show that they are the best of friends for “The Undateables.”

Hwang Jeong-eum and Choi Tae-joon were proud of Kimi, who was a beautiful woman. 
On October 10, SBS cartoon drama special 'Hunan JungUm' (play Lee Jae-yoon, director Kim Yoo-jin, producer Mongsoong, 51K) showed photographs showing the atmosphere of the two people.

'Honam Jeongum' is a non-romanticist 'Honam' who refuses to love and a comic romance that dreams of love but 'Jeongum' who is a love abandoner in a tough reality helps him to escape the solo by the members who can not love. 

Hwang Jeong-eum and Choi Tae-joon are the most popular among children's friends. 'Jeongum' is a person who shows everything without embarrassment in front of 'Compliance'. 'Compliance' is a life friend of 'JungUm' who grasps the intention of Jung Min even if she looks at her eyes. It has been a long time for each other to have a relationship with a good friend and a good wife. 

Hwang Jeong-eum and Choi Tae-jun in the photographs were also outstanding. 
It was a friendly and affectionate appearance as a friend of Mrs. They looked at each other warmly, and their hands were on their backs. Also, there was a smile like a smile while playing with each other. At this time, Hwangjeongun was natural, itself. It was as if it came out right from home, and it was comfortable clothes on the face without the toilet. On the other hand, Choi Tae - joon had the power of Hunan. In fact, he is in charge of 'Do not Know', which means 'Do not Know'. It was also stylish in shirts and jeans. The change of relationship between the two people is the point of watching. I have been a childhood friend for a long time, but one day, the appearance of 'Hoonnam' (Minjung min) makes me feel a strange feeling for 'JungUm'. The relationship between 'Compliance', 'JungUm', 'Compliance' and 'Hunan' will be fun and tense. The production team of 'Hunnam Jeongum' said, "Hwang Jung-eum and Choi Tae-joon are completely immersed as a friendly friends, and they will show each other the warmth of the two as a good friend and a good wife. I see it. " Kim Yoo-jin, who co-directed 'Wanted' and 'Reunited World' as a new work by Lee Jae-yoon, who wrote the drama 'Tannah Do Da Da', 'Red Carpet' and 'Fighting' 'I love you Dong-a'