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DAY6 shared Park Jin Young’s thoughts on their new title track and music video!

DAY6 expressed gratitude for Park Jin Young's producer. 

On December 11, DAY6 interviewed Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul to commemorate the release of their new album "Remember Us: Youth Part 2". 

Young K said, "I worked on the word" youth "as a whole this year. It was a strong sound last summer, and this time I made music for winter." 


Sung - jin said, "This is the first time Shin Sung - pop is the first time I've seen this song, so I wanted to match it with us, and I feel like it is bright and I want to have a little sadness. 

Sung-jin said, "I am very satisfied with the results of the charts and I checked them." In particular, Dixes also expressed gratitude for Park Jin-young. Won-Pil wrote about his title song "Happy Days", "My brother liked me very much." He originally liked music in the 7th and 80's, but he gave us a lot of praise. Sung-jin said, "I am not a musician, but we are a musicians that we believe in. I am so glad that I have been recognized." 


In addition, I recently got married at the wedding and asked us' How about the music video 'and' It is the best. It was too good. " It was good. "

Dixins, on the other hand, mentioned musical inspiration. Young K said, "I have both direct experience and indirect experience." Sung-jin explained, "I am inspired by my fans."