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“Devilish Joy” Production Company Responses To Unpaid Wages Issue

The production team of MBN’s “Devilish Joy” revealed an official statement about the unpaid wages of actors and staff members.


On October 25, the drama’s production company Golden Thumb Pictures stated, “The show was a pre-production drama, so originally, we had to finish the payments by August. But the filming for the drama took longer than we expected. It is true that we did not pay a few members of the staff, but it was resolved when we promised to finish the payments by November.”


The company also remarked on the unpaid wages of actors such as Song Ha Yoon, Hoya (Lee Ho Won), and Lee Joo Yeon. “The actors’ wages are calculated on the following month of broadcast. So the payments for September’s broadcast will be made in October. Thus the actors will be paid at the end of this month. The payments for October’s broadcast will be made at the end of November.”




“Devilish Joy” tells the romance between a doctor named Gong Ma Sung (played by Choi Jin Hyuk), who suffers from ‘Cinderella Memory Disorder,’ and formerly popular actress Joo Ki Bbeum (Song Ha Yoon). The drama is coming to its finale on October 25.