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Due to her ankle injury, Go Ara will stop filming the drama “Haechi” for a while and focus on resting

actor Goa hurt in ankle stops the drama <hatch> for a while and concentrates on relaxation On


18th SBS monthly drama <hatch> side, "goa" 27 times ~ 32 times (total of 6 times in 30 minutes) ". 

They explained, “The production crew made the decision because they thought that Go Ara needed time to rest and heal. With the consideration of the production team, the two sides agreed on the matter and she plans to return to the set after taking a rest. There will be no negative effect on the story.”


An official said, "The crew made this decision because they thought the ora needed time for rest and healing. In consideration of the crew, the two sides agreed, and Goarara plans to return to the filming room after taking a break. There is no obstacle to the story, "he explained. 


Earlier, Koara fell on his foot during the filming of the hatch during the shooting of Hatch, which was held in Mungyeong Saejae on the 7th, and his left ankle ligament was ruptured. Goa returned to the filming site on the 16th, but is unable to shoot the whole body because he is in a wheelchair. So the crew decided to give a rest period for the relief of the ora. 

On the other hand, <Hatch> is broadcasted at 10:00 pm on every Monday.