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FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki and Soyou talked about why they wanted to appear on “Road to Ithaca.”

Hyun-woo, 'a late-night entertainer', scrambles to the 'way to Ithaca' with the aim of ranking first in entertainment. I am confident that my girlfriend will be able to feel at ease even to my family, and I want to balance both my performances and my music. Could it be the first place in the entertainment industry to raise a hot reaction?  
On the 11th, a presentation presentation was made at the Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, on the way to the TVN new entertainment "Ithaca". Yoon Do Hyun, Hyun Woo Hyun, Lee Hyung Ki, Joon Hyun Kim, and Chul Ki Kim were attending.  

'The Road to Ithaca' is a music tour program that shows the journey from Turkey to the island of Ithaca, Greece, with only the number of song images uploaded to SNS. Singers and Byeongbyeong are the only comedian who has a good musical sense.  

Kim Jun-hyun said, "I have been together for a short time, but it is very funny. It is an exciting entertainer who can see the real music of rockers." The owner said, "I took a lot of hard work. Yoon Hyun-hyun said, "It is finally broadcast. I'm looking forward to it."  

"I have actually experienced a trip to Ithaca, which I always had in my imagination. It was a trip that I got too much, first of all, I got a red flag and I got it all (laughs)." Lee Hong-gi said, "It was a very happy time.  

MBC "Masked Wang", who was loved as a PD, transferred to TVN, 'Last Suspicious Singer' was seen last year, 'I want to go to the road through the second challenge. It is music art again this time. Min PD said, "It was the first time for me to go on an outdoor music tour. It was a new challenge. 

In the meantime, I will be able to rediscover Hyun-woo, and I think it will be one of the two things that I have seen for a long time. I can do it, "said Hyun-woo. "And then, I became friends with Lee Hong Gi, possessed Kim Joon-hyun, and I hope to see Kim Mi-hyun, too."  

The members also did not hide the expectation of Hyun-woo's rediscovery. Lee Hong-gi said, "Hyun-hyun's appearance is really charming, and after this broadcast goes out, it seems to be the first place in entertainment." Yoon Do-hyun said, "It's not the shape of Hyun-woo, it's fun. Ownership is "too honest. It will be fun because there are not many characters that can say this," Kim Jun-hyun added, "I've heard it, it's attractive."  

"I think many people will feel comfortable with me when I get out of this broadcast. I think that my family (friends and relatives) are waiting. 
tvN schedules Sunday program for family entertainment and forms a band. Time zone where we did not challenge. The content that makes use of the characteristic brings up the winning number. The drama overwhelms the terrestrial, and it is dominating to the time of the family entertainment time on the weekend. 

"I did not know that this program was going to be on the weekend, it was a weekend because I went to shoot, I think it is not an easy time, but the way to Ithaca is not only a laugh, I think that it is a suitable program for family time on weekends and evenings, but it will show as it was planned in advance. 

The way to Ithaca is broadcasted at 6:10 pm on the 15th.