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FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki showed his support for N.Flying on JTBC’s “Idol Room”!

'Idol Room' FT Island Lee Hong-gi is in the junior band and has started flying support. 


In the JTBC "Idol Room," which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 19th, the band "Flying", who wrote a reverse myth in the rooftop room, appeared. 

On this day, the flying members talked about Lee Hong-ki, who bought TV at the hostel. He said, "Hong Gi-hyung went to the radio with the DJ and when he got the problem, he decided to buy TV. 

At this time Lee Hong Gi appeared in the studio and surprised everyone. Lee said, "I had a busy schedule and I was too busy," he said, "I thought it was Gangnam set, but it was Ilsan. Lee Hong - gi said, "I have seen Lee Jae - hyun since he was very young and he is a pure friend, and Sunghyup is a man and Hoon has a lot of talent. Especially, Lee Hong - gi participated in the game directly for the en - flying, attracted the attention of En - Flying. 


It has long been proven that Lee Hong Ki has a deep affection for Flying in his junior band. Lee Hong-gi said on the 5th of last week that he was the first in the Flying Music Broadcasting News, saying, "Oh, my kids .... I congratulate you very much. I am sick ... Let's become a better band in the future !!!!" And refuted the suspicions of the hoaxes raised by some of them, saying, "Please cheer up your hard-working friends." 

Meanwhile, the JTBC 'Idol Room' is broadcast every Tuesday at 6:30 pm.