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FTISLAND’s Lee Jae Jin will be helping out his FNC Entertainment labelmates N.Flying!

FT Island's Lee Jae-jin is going to take off his feet for his future band. 


Lee Jae-jin will play bass in June at the exclusive concert "N.Flying 2019 LIVE IN JAPAN -BROTHERHOOD-" which Flying holds in Japan. 

They will perform live performances on Osaka Big Cat on the 4th, Nagoya Diamond Hall on the 6th, and live performances on the Shinki Kiba Studio Coast on the 7th. Enflying has recently undergone team reorganization with four members. 

There was a vacancy in the base seat, and there was a possibility of a disruption in a single concert scheduled for the first half of this year, but Lee Jae-jin, who is in charge of bass at FT Island, decided to help. As Lee Jae - jin 's warm - hearted sincerity of taking juniors, fans' interest and expectation are gathered with new collaboration between the young and the old band. 


Their collaboration was smooth, with the advantage of a clear band. 

FNC Entertainment 's bands have shown their collaboration stage through the family concert' FNC Kingdom 'and the year - end awards ceremony. It is expected that not only Enflying fans but also FT Island fans will concentrate on the musical exchange that only band can do again this time.

Nflying is actively performing as a new song 'Rooftop Room' which was unveiled on the 2nd. 'Rooftop room' is a song written and composed by Lee Seung-kyoe, a leader of Lee Song-kyung, who is watching the night sky in the rooftop room.


Lee Jae-jin is a member of the band FT Island, actress SBS 'My sister is alive', and MBN 'Richman'. Last month, MBC "Masked Wang" appeared to show off the vocal talent and was surprised by the judges.