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FTISLAND’s Minhwan and Yulhee were visited by Minhwan’s mother and younger sister in “Mr. House Husband”

Choi Myung-hwan felt alienated while Choi Min-hwan's family divided into Yoo-hee's reinforcements. 


On KBS2 'Salim Nam' broadcasted on the 27th, the story of the couple, Yoo Hee Choi Minhwan, was revealed. 

Choi Min - hwan 's sister, Choi Dae - young, found her husband' s house, and the three women united. Mr. Choi is the most poisonous of all. I added Choi to Minhwan's mother and bombed Choi Minhwan. 

Most Choi said that Choi Min - hwan needs to be a true 'living man', saying, "We should do better housework and look better. So Yulihui also has time, "he advised. 


Choi responded that he was helping with housework, but Yul-hee said, "I am doing it. I have not been able to do laundry yet. " 

Most of all, Mr. Choi said, "Do you want to take your little wife and leave him?" Choi Minhwan 's mother also scolded her son, "I'm going to run away like that." 

Choi Yong-hee's words, "Do not marry your sister early," Choi Min-hwan was literally knocked down. 

Choi said, "To be honest, it was very hard. I thought it was my side, but I was not. " 

The two women went back, and Choi Minhwan said, "It was a bloody thing when I talked about it." So, Yoo-hee said, "I think the house atmosphere is better because you take care of your mother and daughter. It is not the idea that is contained in the inside, "he said.


On the same day, the story of the Kim Seung Hyun family was revealed. On this day, Kim's father flirted with his son's rooftop. 

I feel sorry for the son who is living in the cold water because it does not become heating. Moreover, garbage was scattered all over the room, and my father nagged it. 

On the same day, Kim Seung-hyun's brother, Mr. But the house of Mr. In addition, Mr. Gwanghwan declared the abandonment of the Koguryo and shocked his father.