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Former FTISLAND member Choi Jong Hoon has admitted to bribing a police officer in 2016 to cover up his drunk driving incident.

Kim Dong-hoon, an FT Island, admitted to bribing the police to avoid drunken driving. 

A Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency official said on April 4 that Jung Ji-hoon admitted to asking him to "give me money" when he was caught driving in February 2016. 

Police said, "Some members of the group said that they heard that they offered 2 million won, 5 million won and 10 million won to the police as Jong-hoon haggled." 


At that time, a police officer who caught Jung-hoon's drunken driving at Itaewon in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, said, "Jong-hoon has offered 2 million won." At that time, Choi Jong-hun had been fleeing the vehicle after being abducted, escaping from the vehicle and being handcuffed. Jong-hoon has denied this fact all the time, but he eventually acknowledged the police's continued censure. 

Police arrested Jung-hoon, who had a drinking alcohol concentration of 0.097%, suspended his license and charged a fine of 2.5 million won, but he did not apply the allegation of bribery. Jung-hoon's drunk driving was also completed without media coverage. When Jeong Joon Hoon delivered this news to the "Dont Bad Bang", "Chrome Hearts (handcuffs) was pretty painful." Do not talk to people who did not talk, "and the victory and Jung Jun-young were encouraging or worried about him.

Jung Jun-hoon is suspected of controversy over the joining of poisoned police among the members of "Chung Jun- In the case of drunken driving Mumma attempted, the husband of the actor Park Han-hee and a member of the Dot-tanbang member Yoon In-suk of the Glass Holdings asked for the incident, and the wife of Kim Yoo-jeong, It is known to have delivered a concert ticket to the. 

Choi Jong-hoon is also suspected of distributing illegal footage. It has already been revealed that a total of six illegal footage have been distributed in the dangbokbang, which includes Chung Jun-young and victory, Yu Tae-pyo and Roy Kim.