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[ASKKPOP] Go Ah Sung talks about the time she got to kiss Han Hyo Joo

Go Ah Sungtalked about the time she got to lock lips withHan Hyo Joofor the movie 'The Beauty Inside' on the January 21st airing of 'Park Kyung Lim' 2 O'Clock Date.'

Go Ah Sung recalled, "I was supposed to film my first kiss scene withLee Joonfor 'I Heard It Through the Grapevine,' but suddenly a filming session for 'The Beauty Inside' was scheduled the day right before."

The actress continued, "I told Han Hyo Joo on the movie set, 'My first kiss scene was tomorrow, but it was moved to today,' and she responded, 'It's also my first kiss scene with a woman.' It's a fond memory," drawing laughter.

Go Ah Sung then jokingly added, "The kiss scene with Lee Joon was a lot easier thanks to the practice from the day before."

Sounds like Go Ah Sung kissed a girl, and she really liked it.

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