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Ha Seon (Yeo Jin Goo) and King Lee Heon (Yeo Jin Goo) facing off against each other in a tense situation in “The Crowned Clown”

On the 27th, the TVN monthly drama "The Man Who Became the King" revealed the scene still filled with the vast submarine (jinjin-gu) and the tyrant Leehun (jinjin-gu) 
In the last 6 episodes, the love of the clown ship and the heavy fighters Suk-young (Lee Se-young), who are working as wages, grows bigger and bigger, and the real king Yiheon Lee returns from the hermit and returns to the city. 

In the ending scene, Lee Hyeon-su, who enjoys the outskirts of the city and enjoys the outing, is portrayed with his mad eyes, and the fact that their fate will be revealed and the fact that Hae Sun is a fake king attracts attention. 


The two shots of the stills in the middle of the Qingdao and Qingzhuan in the middle of it are pre-emptive as storms. Wang Jinggu is like a fake king, a vast jingguan. He threatens to put a long sword under the jaw of a clown's jungle, but as soon as it takes away his life, the eyes of an anger make a crack of the viewer's eyes. 


On the other hand, the vast Jingu is scared and shrinking. Like a plaster and a crime, the figure of a clown jinbo who fell flat on the floor is not enough. Still, I feel a sense of breathtaking tension, and I wonder if the reason why Wang Jinggu is so upset is that the vast Jingu could escape the crisis.
"The man who became king" said, "The real wage Leehon starts to run away." He said, "The greatest crisis will come to the coward by Lee Hun-won's palace. "I would like to ask you much anticipation and interest in the 7th broadcast," he said. 

Meanwhile, the 'King of the Man' broadcasts at 9:30 pm on the 28th.