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Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee's couple ring?

Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee's couple ring?

Hong Sang-sooandKim Min-heeare still in the hot seat and they were spotted on a movie set recently.

The two came to surface 7 months after their scandal broke out. They were seen on the site of making a movie.

Apparently no one knew about this 'new movie' and sources couldn't reach any of them.

The management of actorKwon Hae-hyowho filmed the movie withKim Min-heesaid, "The filming went on for about 3 days.Kim Min-heewasn't even there until later".

However, a ring was spotted onHong Sang-soo's finger. He's had it since the 25th of September at the San Sebastian Film Festival after the scandal between them broke out.

Meanwhile,Hong Sang-sooandKim Min-heemet through the movie"Right Now, Wrong Then". Hong is currently going through a divorce with his wife.

Source from :Hancinema