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Hwang Jung Eum, Kiss Scene with Lee Gyu Han. “Kim Yong Jun is Going to get Jealous”

can you hear my heart

Bong Woo Ri of MBC weekend drama “Do You Hear My Heart?”, Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Seung Chul (Lee Gyu Han) acted underwater.

On the upcoming episode of “Do You Hear My Heart,” Woo Ri is dragging Seung Chul into waters after he scammed her father, saying “let’s die together.”

Right after jumping into water, Woo Ri says “I am mad because there are so many things I didn’t get to do before I died” and kissed Seung Chul.

During the filming on the 11th at a bridge in Yon Chun, Hwang Jung Eum jumped into the water herself despite her fear for water to have a better resulting product.

For that same reason, Lee Gyu Han also jumped into the water many times while warming themselves up with a small fire underneath the bridge. The staff members were touched at how hard they worked for one small scene.

Hwang Jung Eum, after the scene said, “I am usually afraid of water, but I wanted to express Woo Ri’s emotions so I summoned up courage.”

This episode will air on the 16th at 9:50 PM.

can you hear my heart