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INFINITE’s Sungjong shared how Sunggyu is doing in the military, becoming a veteran group, and more.

The group members Infinite Sung-jong started the New Year with a special pride. 

Infinite will release a new digital single "CLOCK" on the afternoon of the 13th. 'Clark' is a perfect new song since 'Tell Me' in January last year, and it is the first song to be released as a 5-member infinite since Kim Sung-gyu joined the same year in May of the same year. Prior to the release of 'Clark', Infinite's youngest son, Lee Seong-jong, met with Lee Ji-geun, who expressed his pride and pride, 

Clark is a song for fans as it was the last year's fan meeting last year. Lee Seong-jong is a confession song that wrote "Memories from the first meeting with In-Spirit (Fandom) to the present time in letter form." The audience of "I am only you" is our fans, "acted as an infinite Sometimes, whenever it was really hard, the support of the fans was a great help in capturing the mentality. " 


Like the meaning of "infinite possibilities," Lee Seung-jong "has really made a lot of efforts in this" clark "as he wants to continue to develop musically without limit. I recorded until I was satisfied to fill the gap of the main vocals, "I think it would be nice for fans to be able to keep up with the musicality of Infinite and change it so little."

Lee Seong-jong said, "I have had the opportunity to meet younger idol singers in the EBS radio program 'Midnight Black', which is a DJ, Whenever you tell me, "We've done well." At the beginning of his debut, he gave up all his sleep and hobbies and remembered that he focused on practice. 

I still have the enthusiasm of that time, and I have a little room and I have 10 years. Lee Seong-jong said, "I am so proud of the time it has been in the 10th year, and I am constantly working with the members to show a good teamwork and to show fresh voices with new music and visuals. I think I'm going to get new fans. " 

There are also juniors watching. Lee Seung-jong, referring to his brother, Golden Child, said, "When I see you practicing hard, I remember when you are a god." 

Lee Seong-jong said, "I would like to show a lot of the Infinite group this year, and the new album work is also ongoing. "I want to do a concert that summer, and expect to see a lot of people in the 10th year of Infinite," he laughed. 

Clark, which will be the starting point, will be released in Korea and Japan as a music video and music video at 6 pm on the same day.