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INFINITE’s Sungjong took an honest look at the group’s past, present, and future.

After his debut in 2010, he ran steadily. 

The number one singer, of course, rose to the top. The World Tour was also held twice. The member disappeared, and the complete body was broken. Group activities were stopped by the members' army. The fandom has also decreased. I feel personally, but not sadly. 


Infinite faced the youngest of all. The more he passed the year, the more mature he was. In an interview with the TV report, Sungjong represented Infinite and showed a brighter picture. 

Sungjong said, "In fact, it is true that fandom is decreasing compared to the past. Our Infinite went really well in the past. But there are good memories of 'We went out well' rather than miss the past. We really did a lot of concerts, we had a lot of music, we had big fan meetings. It was a really good group, "he laughed. 


Infinite feels like it has been shrinking since last year when Sung Kyu was in the army. Sungkyu, the leader and main vocal, Still, I could not neglect to meet with the fans. Infinite also had a fan meeting and a single release. 

"We think fans will be sad. So I continued the meeting. About what we have to do in the future. From the old days, we said that Infinite is more important than individual activity. So let's keep on doing well and tell them to try to keep going. I am still loved, and I believe that popularity is ongoing. My brothers will be like my heart. Infinite is forever. (Laughter) "