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Idols wear Mustang Style at the airport

During World War II, Korean people asked what a stylish leather jacket they are wearing for Australian Mustangs (fighter aircraft) pilots. The pilots said they were asking for the name of the airplane and said it was "Mustang". After that, the pilots' hairy leather jacket was called "Mustang".

Mustang usually means outer leather, inside is fleece outer. This Mustang became an item of fashionistas in preparation for the winter cold. In Korea last year, long padding was popular as a cold item, but Mustang has emerged as a trendy item this year.

Amongst the female stars wearing Mustang this winter, I have identified three people who have gained attention with fashionable Mustang styling. 'Girl's Day' member Yura, actor Ishihi, singer Jessica are the main characters.



Girl group 'Girl's Day' member and actor Yura showed up at Incheon International Airport 2nd passenger terminal to go out to overseas for attending global fashion brand event on November 29th. On this day, Yura showed a luxurious winter fashion that matched brown long mustang to black tops and pants. It adds a chic feel to the mini-cross body bag with circular buckle detail and chunky one block hill boots.

# Hee Hee

Actor Heo Hee attended the jtbc drama 'Beauty Inside' Jongbangnyeon on November 21st at a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul. On this day, he wears denim pants in a white sweater and produces a sensual look with ankle boots. I finished the warm yet stylish look through the long mustang coat here. It also adds a chic black color quilted clutch. 


Singer Jessica left the US on November 14, 2007, at the overseas scheduled airport Incheon International Airport. Jessica caught her attention with luxury airport fashion. He created a casual look by matching jeans to turtlenecks. I added a luxurious feel to the long Mustang coat here. In addition, Brown Square back points to utilize the style index increased.