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In the drama 'Spring onna spring', the 'Uhm Ji Won' turns into a former popular star and a current member of the National Assembly.

MBC's new tree drama 'Spring Iona Spring' (Written by Lee Hae-sun / Directed by Kim Sang-ho / Produced by JS Pictures) is the most popular actress as a former popular actress today and retired at the same time as her marriage. (Lee Bomwoo), who lives in the city. 

It is a comedy fantasy drama about the story of Kim Bomi (Yoo Lee), who changed from Kim Boomi (Ui Lee), who was the best star of the time to now,


She grew up in a wealthy family and became popular as the best star of her time. After her marriage, she took on the role of Lee Bum, who had a comfortable family with her husband, who was a member of the parliament. "I had a lovely, pure and innocent warmth, And expressed love for the character. 

In addition, when asking why he chose "springtime spring" as his return, he pointed out the advantage of "a bright drama" and said, "I got a pleasant and warm feeling as I read the scenario. I thought I would go, "he said, curious about the drama. 

In addition to this, I want to play the characters of Lee Bom and Kim Bomi alternately. I want to draw a tough face when I am femme and Kimbomi, I'm trying to bring out a cute face, "he added expectation to two people to unravel in the way of his own. 


Lastly, actor Ji-jiwon tells viewers, "I think that 'spring and spring' will be a drama that can make 2019 happier and cheerful. Whenever we watch our drama, we are taking a lot of fun so that we can laugh out loud, so we ask for a lot of views. " 

On the other hand, the MBC new tree mini series "Spring Iona Spring" scheduled to air on January 23, 2019, can be seen as a follow-up to the "Red Moon Blue Sea" currently on air.