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Interview with Bae Geu Rin on “49 Days”

“It’s been five years after I made a debut. Time passes like lightning. Those days when I look back on them, I didn’t succeed in a day but I think I have built up my career by step not to be collapsed.”

An actress Bae Geu Rin (22)’s thought on five years of working as an actress.

She made a debut with the drama for teens “The Sharp” in 2006 and she was a heroine on director Gwak Kyung Taek’s drama “The Legend of Our Friend”. Then, she has appeared on “You are Beautiful” and SBS’s drama “49 Days”. She also appeared on TVN “Once Upon a Time in Saeng Cho Ri” directed by director Kim Byung Wook.

Bae Geu Rin has played on many dramas and films for her six years career. She has an audition in Seoul while she was a high school student in Daegu. She passed the audition on the first go. At that time, she asked her mom “Mom, can I visit grandmother’s home in Seoul and go to an audition?”.  She successfully made a debut and didn’t go through big ups and downs for five years. What’s the secret of her?

She stated “Acting is not my whole life but it is one of the most important part. I’m trying not to have obsession but I don’t want to neglect it. Then I will be able to be long-running actress. In this point, I think I’m doing well by step.”

Bae Geu Rin also has reliable personal connections because she played on director Gwak Kyung Taek and Kim Byung Wook’s drama and movie.

She stated “They told me to work again together. I may appear on director Kim Byung Wook’s ‘High Kick 3’ as a cameo. I has joked to Kim Byung Wook ‘Why didn’t you cast me in High Kick 3?’ Then the director said ‘I will keep you as a secret weapon’. I appreciated his saying.”

She seems to enjoy the acting. So, she usually brightens up the atmosphere in the set of SBS wed-thur drama “49 Days”. As she is the youngest among actors and staffs, she is always active.

“Everyone including Hyun Jae oppa, Ji Hye unni and Bae Soo Bin oppa really treated me nice. Especially, I like getting to know with Ji Hye unni. Today, I will play the scene that I should pull her hair. But it’s somewhat a relief because it’s after we became friends.(Hahaha)”

Bae Geu Rin also wants to play on the movie after finishing “49 Days”.

“You know what? Nam Bo Ra is my friend. I watched the film ‘Sunny’, I was so jealous. I thought ‘I should do that’”.

When she heard that films like “My Sassy Girlfriend”, she gave a big smile.

She said “Yeah, I wanted to play on that kind of romantic comedy genre. Actually I have one movie that I really want to work for. Even after finishing the audition for that movie, I think I should go back to them. I will be not that embarrassed so I think I have to express myself and make judges select me.”