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JTBC's upcoming drama 'The Package' shares a new poster of CNBLUE's Yonghwa

Unveiling the individual poster for actressLee Yeon Hee's character, the staff ofJTBC's'The Package' has now shared a poster ofCNBLUE'sYonghwaon September 19.

The singer will be transforming into San Maru who goes on a trip to France.  Even the poster's tagline is attention-grabbing, which reads,"I think I messed up.  No, I did mess up,"as Maru has a confused yet cautious look on his face.

Yonghwa described his character,"Maru is a pure character and is someone who follows his instincts.  He can seem a bit foolish at times, but he's not a dislikeable character.  I've always wanted to play a role like this."