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Jang Ki Yong and Nana are pictured together for the first time as a killer and a detective for “Kill It”

OCN New toil original "Kill it" (play Son Hyunsoo, Choi Myungjin directing man, Writer Crave Works) is a criminal signature killer action chasing the killer and serial murder case that kept the past while being a veterinarian. On the main poster, released today (5th), captivates the eye with an impression of full-fledged opposition to the killer Kim Soo-hyun (long-term use), which saves animals as much as the visual contrast of red light and blue text, and criminal Do Hyun Jin (Nana), who saves people. 


Kim Soo-hyun and Tohyeon Jin turned back with their guns in their hands first. Two people staring at different places notice a breathtaking confrontation between a killer who is chased by his eyes and posture and a chasing detective. 


Above all, Kim Hyun-jin in the back of Kim Soo-hyun raises his curiosity about the unpredictable ironic situation that he had aimed at his head. An industry-leading killer who has been silently targeted by someone's request. Because he was never the target of anyone, he became the target of the detective. However, Unlike Do Hyun-Jin, who sees him with a pistol gripping his arm without hesitation, Kim Soo-hyun can feel the cold muzzle even when he feels comfortable. The stories of the two lead to endless curiosity. Why was the killer Kim Soo-hyun in the veil a target of the elite detective Hyun-jeong?
"The main poster, released today (5 days), is about a confrontation between a killer, a detective and two characters who can not coexist," he said. Kill it ", which will present new standards of action with invisible visuals and amazing breathing power. 

'Kill it', written by director Man Woo, directed by Son Hyun-soo and writer Choi Myung-Jin. OCN first broadcast on March 23.