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[ASKKPOP] Jiyeon to perform a modified version of her choreography for '1MIN 1SEC'

Jiyeonwill begin performing a modified version of her choreography for "1MIN 1SEC" starting on 'Music Core' and 'Inkigayo' this weekend upon the requests of major broadcast stations that have deemed Jiyeon's 'pelvic dance break' inappropriate.

Many fans found the dance break sexy, but according to an exclusive byStar News, major broadcast music show reps have been requesting for Jiyeon to modify her choreography due to the sexually-suggestive aspect of the dance that appears in the beginning and middle of her performance for "1MIN 1SEC" ("Never Ever").

A rep from her agencyCore Contents Mediaresponded, "It is true that we received the call to adjust the mentioned dance from the major broadcast station reps... We added the sexy hip dance to the beginning and middle of the stage and MV versions not to give an erotic feeling, but rather to match the atmosphere of the sensitive dance song '1MIN 1SEC'... However,we do think that the major broadcast music show reps do have a point, so we have decided to show a modified dance to the viewers... Starting on the May 24th broadcast of MBC's 'Music Core', viewers will be able to see a modified choreography for Jiyeon's '1MIN 1SEC' performance."

Stay tuned for the new version of her solo debut stage for "1MIN 1SEC" this weekend! Do you think the dance break is too much?