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Joo Ji Hoon talked about why the CGI scenes in “The Item” are harder than those in “Along with the Gods”

 The actors starring 'Item' boasted the fantastic chemistry. 


On the 25th, MBC 'Section TV Entertainment Communication', MBC Wolhwa drama 'Item' four actors in the popular broadcasting, interviews with Ju Ji Hoon, Jean Seon Yeon, Kim Gang Woo and Kim Yoo Ri were revealed. 

The 'item' based on the same name WebToon is a fantasy blockbuster that explores the secrets and secrets of two men and women of mixed fortunes around 'items' with special powers. 

Joo Ji-hoon, who made his debut in the movie "With Gods" last year, said, "I gathered great love from you and put it into 'an item.'" 


Jo Ji-hoon, who once again appeared in the fantasy genre following "With God", said, "CG image shooting of 'Item' is more difficult than with 'God.' With 'Shin with' is a hypothetical space of underworld, Item 'is a work expressing the story of the present world, it seems more difficult to postpone, "he said. Jeon Seon-yeon did not hesitate to praise Ju Ji-hoon's CG performance, saying, "It seems familiar." 

Kim Kang Woo was the chief executive of the chaebol in the 'item'. However, Kim Kang-woo said, "The residence set is cool and inefficient. It's very cold,

Jo Ji-hoon, who listened to this, said, "I once had a meal place except for Kim Gang-woo, but at some point I was in 7080." Kim Kang Woo expresses his gratitude by saying, "Did you go to 7080 except me?" And made the studio into a laughing sea. 

On the other hand, Jean Seon Yeun, who has been in the SBS drama 'Five Fingers' for seven years, has been proud of his teamwork. So, Joo Ji-hoon said, "Did not you develop?" And laughed at me, and Jean Seon-yeon emphasized, "The visual is unchanged." 


Joo Ji-hoon said, "I have the advantage of a person with a thin skin, such as fine wrinkles, stains, etc." 

Kim Gang-woo and Joo-hoon, who have been breathing once again in four years since the movie "Gansin", boasted a warm-hearted romance. Kim Kang-woo said, "At that time, I was the king, and because Ji Ji-hoon was a god, I saw only Ji-joo's kiln. "It is good to be able to postpone while watching the rainbow type and eyes that I love," said Ji Ji-hoon. "I thought that my brother was a madness role as well as" . 

On the other hand, Ji Ji-hoon recalled his relationship with MBC, referring to drama 'Palace' and 'Han Drama'. he is "