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Jung Yu Mi was investigated as a victim of the rumor case involving herself and producer Na Young Suk.

Actor Jung Yoo Mi received an investigation into the victim related to Gilashy related to Na Young Seok PD. 

Jung Yoo-mi, a management official of the company, said on the morning of the 24th that MBN star "Jung Yoo-mi visited the police station in Gangnam, Seoul on 22nd and finished the investigation." 


"Just like last time, the company's legal team gathered the data and filed a complaint. There is no negotiation or advantage, "he added. 

Jung Yoo-mi and Nyeong-seok PD have tied up with TVN 'Yoon Restaurant' to say that personal relationship is continuing until now. 

The management forest on the 18th said, "It is very uncomfortable to mention the name of the actor who belongs to a ridiculous rumor," he said. "We are collecting evidence for the first time to write malicious rumors and responsible for distributors, online publishers, It is finished, and I will accept the complaint through the legal affairs today. " 

Meanwhile, Na Young-seok PD said, "We will be legally responsible for both the distributors and the evil spirits," he said. CJ ENM and lawyers are collecting evidence on this and are preparing to file a complaint. "