On the 31st, an official of KBS drama station said, “One single only” is under discussion for extension. It is not decided which one to extend, but extension is right. ”

‘One Only Only’ is a drama in which the father who had to hide his identity with a woman whose life has been twisted due to his father’s father who appeared in 28 years, meets the “only one thing in the world” and regains hope of life. I gathered topics with the meeting of Yui and Choi Soojong.

The “one-on-one,” which has more than half of the audience, is very popular with its 40% rating. On the 30th broadcast, Na Hyomi (Kim Mi-ran) of Yui (Kim Do-Ran station) gave a dramatic wedding ceremony with Park Sung-hoon (Jang Wha-Ra) and Yui stimulated the lacrimal gland with an apology from her mother-in-law Cha- However, Yun Jin-yi (Jeongdaya station), who had an extreme end-of-the-line poetry, witnessed blue as he watched Yui go to Choi Soo-jong’s room.



On the December 30 episode, Kim Do Ran’s (Uee) sister Kim Mi Ran (Na Hye Mi) and Jang Go Rae (Park Sung Hoon) hold a dramatic wedding, and Kim Do Ran receives an apology from her mother-in-law Oh Eun Young (Cha Hwa Yun), causing viewers to tear up. However, at the end of the episode, Jung Da Ya (Yoon Jin Yi) witnesses Do Ran heading into Kang Soo Il’s (Choi Soo Jong) room, foreshadowing conflict in the upcoming episodes.
‘One Only One’ is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.