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Kim Hyun-joong's fans at court, witness appears

Kim Hyun-joong's fans at court, witness appears

Kim Hyun-joongappeared as witness at his ex-girlfriend's defamation trial with his fans supporting him. His fans were on site to give him support and things appeared to be profound and mysterious.

Kim Hyun-joongappeared at the Seoul Eastern District Court at 4:40PM on the 1st of May. He stood in trial as a witness.

Kim Hyun-joongappeared expressionless in a black suit.

Fans from Korean and other countries gathered around the court to see him. They quietly held up signs with messages on them and watched him enter the court.

Previously, his ex was charged with fraud and defamation. She made false statements about pregnancy, abuse and miscarriage. She also manipulated text messages between herself and the singer with a reporter. She had denied all these things ever since she was reported guilty.

In May of 2014, the ex claimed she had a miscarriage due toKim Hyun-joong's abuse. She cancelled her charges on him, but a year later she filed a suit for 160 million won from him.Kim Hyun-joongcounter-sued her and the court sided with him, telling her to pay Kim 100 million won. She refused and appealed against it.

Source from :Hancinema