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Kim Dong Han recently sat down for an interview with No Cut News, during which he talked about the disbandment of Wanna One, the next season of “Produce 101,” and more.

Singer Kim Dong - Han walked in a 'really desirable' way last year. 

 Until the end of April, JBJ member of the project group made up of two members of Mnet 'Produce 101' season 2, and the team dismissed it as a solo singer after releasing two albums to show off their charm . 

"I think it was a year to announce the existence of Kim Dong-han to many people in 2018. I want to show Kim Dong-han, who developed a little bit more than before in 2019. " He started with Producer 101 and succeeded all three challenges with JBJ and solo singer Kim Dong-han, who finished at the age of two, is twenty-two years old at the age of Korea. 


His potential to develop a valuable and valuable experience at a relatively young age and to solidify his foundations seems endless. "I've been working on a sexy concept for a while, but I want to show my power in the future, because I feel like I'm" pushing "the stage! (Smile) I do not know when, but when I work hard I can open a concert Will not it come? " The following is an interview with Kim Dong-han who interviewed CBS Nocut News and Hanbok for the New Year holidays. 

Wanna One the recent official was dismissed. I was in 'Produce 101', so I felt like I was watching it. "JBJ was one of them at the end of the last concert, but Warner won it at the last concert, because I did not have it in the theater and I saw it on the internet. I did not have any tears, but I was really crying for the first and last time at JBJ's last concert. " 


▲ The fourth season of 'Producer 101' series starts. Do you want to take care of it when the broadcast starts? "Last year, I watched 'Produce 48' a little bit, but in fact, I do not see how it is going because I am sick of my heart, it is not a tough program, but it was a good memory, but I also had a hard time at the time. I heard that I like to see colorful performances, so I do not think I'll take much of the stage, but I can not seem to see the participants crying. " Solo singers from Warner One will go to the big screen. In 'Produce 101' I was competing with those who were together in good faith. "I think that each person has his own charm. 

▲ What do you think is the greatest strength of solo singer Kim Dong - Han? "I was originally in a dance position, but I also have vocals, rap making, writing and composing, and I still have a lot of shortcomings, but I think my strength is that I'm a well-balanced singer ." "There are a lot of fans in their 2nd ~ 30s who are a little bit older than me. I think it is because I have a lot of sexy concepts." 

▲ I'm thinking about acting. A few days ago, I saw Kenta (JBJ native) and the movie "Extreme Profession." Kenta liked to watch movies too, but I went to live with them and went to see them together. I met to see the movie instead of seeing it. (Smile) " 

▲ If there is a goal I want to achieve this year. "I want to show Kim Dong-han, who developed a little bit more than before in 2019, and I want to move on to the future, and I think that I broke the start of the new year pleasantly through my first solo concert" 

▲ I hope to achieve someday while working as a singer. "I do not know when, but I may not be able to do it again, but I would like to try a solo concert at the Gokche Dome, the largest indoor theater in Korea . 


"I would like to have a lot of tea, but I do not want to be stressed, I do not want to think of a diet, I want to have a delicious food, I will give up my diet," he laughs. 

▲ Finally, please sing three songs recommended for your fans. "First of all cars not it sound a lot keulraksyeon blocked. I'd like to recommend a 'ttwittwi Honk' by BtoB predecessors in that sense, and the feast is'll give family, because together a good day with friends IU seniors 'good day' recommendation last to "Make learning ',' college and go, '' married, marriage is are you going and when to go, etc. I nag a'll recommend the 'nagging' IU, Lim Seul-ong seniors in hasiraneun meaning than it'll be sim"