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Kim Hae Sook and Kim Hee Sun are drinking buddies for “Room No. 9"

On the second day, the TVN Saturday night 'Nine Room' unveiled a breathtaking drunken exploration of Kim Hee-seon and Kim Hae-sook. 
Kim Hee-sun and Kim Hae-sook, who are in the public steel, are drinking a bottle of wine and a bottle of shochu in the middle. Especially, it is interesting that Kim Hee-sun's house is where the two people who are involved in ghosts and soul changes tilt their glasses together. At the same time, it raises the question of why the two people became barren spirits unthinkable. 
Kim Hee Seon is staring at Kim Hae-sook drinking a glass of shochu with an expression of anxiously touching the wine glass. Kim Hee-seon, who entered the search for Kim Hae-sook in earnest, He looks at the reaction of Kim Hae-sook after throwing a contradictory question toward Kim Hae-sook. So Kim is pushing the glass of wine to Kim Hee-sun without saying anything, revealing the gentle eyes and raising the curiosity of Kim Hee-sun further. 

Kim Hee-sun and Kim Hae-sook enter into uncomfortable living together. Kim Hee-seon has an open-door opportunity to explore the relationship and information between Kim Hae-sook and Lee Kyung-young (Kisan). Kim Hee-sun and Kim Hae-sook, who do not believe in Kim Hee-sun yet, are anticipating the unexpected surveillance of drunkenness, which is the reason why two people who are engaged in nervous warfare when they meet more than anything else are excited.