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Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend’s ongoing legal battles will continue in the Supreme Court.

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Jung and former girlfriend A's civil lawsuit goes to the Supreme Court. 

According to a lawyer on the 30th, A's legal agent appealed to the Supreme Court for dismissing the second judgment on the claim for damages. 

On October 10, the second trial court ruled that A, like the court of first instance, should pay Kim Hyun Joong for 100 million won. 


However, Mr. A rejects the ruling, and they seem to be judged by the Supreme Court. 

On the other hand, the two men still failed to complete a court battle in the criminal lawsuit against A's attempted fraud and defamation by publications. In 2017, after the prosecution indicted Mr. A on two charges, the court of first instance convicted him of allegedly attempting to commit fraud with a fine of 5 million won, and that the allegations of defamation by publications were not guilty and the prosecution appealed the case. I kept it. 

The prosecution also filed an appeal and appeal on February 23.