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Kim Woo Bin’s agency has shared an update of his return

Actor Kim Woo Bin, who stopped his activities as a bout with Vindanam, is gradually recovering his health and is preparing to return to the screen with care. He is in good shape before battle, and is preparing to return so little by little as if nothing happened one day. 
In recent years, a number of movie-related actors have reported that "Kim Woo-bin, who recovered a lot of health, will be able to meet the audience with new works this year." Many scenarios of Chungmuro ​​have been handed to Kim Woo- He is closely discussing the work, "he said. 

In May of 2017, Kim Woo-bum was diagnosed with cancer of the nose, which is caused by pharyngeal malignancy. At that time, Kim Woo-bum was preparing to film a crime-action movie "Do-chung" (directed by Choi Dong-hoon, director of film production), but suddenly he had a difficult time getting off his work due to a sudden cancer diagnosis and receiving one year of medication and radiation treatment. I regained my health gradually.


In December 2017, he told his fans, "Thanks to your support and prayers, I have successfully completed three chemotherapy and thirty-five radiotherapy treatments. I wanted to tell you the news, I am going to take care of it now and I am recovering by regular follow-up tests, taking a light stroll and eating regularly, but I am feeling better than before " Directly conveyed his current situation, collected topics. Above all, he said, "I will greet you in good health again as if nothing happened one day." Kim Woo-bum, who has been concentrating on recovering his physical strength, recovered from his condition in the second half of last year to be able to perform outside activities. Kim Woo - bin 's appearance was witnessed with his best friend Lee Jong - seok and lover Shin Min - ah. In particular, Kim Woo-bing, who has continued his love for four years since he admitted his devotion to Shin Min-ah in July 2015, gave good news to his fans as photos of Shin Ha-young and his trip to Australia were revealed. It was a little thinner than when I continued my activities, but it made my fans feel better than when I was battled.

Kim Woo-bing, who has regained his health in many ways. Through the film, I was ready to go back to the public in a healthy way. As a result of the coverage of this paper, Kim Woo-been is discussing his next film with Choi Dong-hoon. This is a story that combines Choi Dong-hoon's long-term crime and fusion drama. Kim Woo-bing has a strong will to cooperate with Choi Dong-hoon, director who has been waiting for the project until the end of the project with his sincere and trustworthy feelings. Unfortunately, the 'eavesdropping' project has been dismissed, but it is known that Choi Dong-hoon's secretary is discussing another new film. 
One day Kim Woo - bin 's promise to return again as if nothing happened. In order to keep his promise with his fans, he reviewed the big new work of Chungmuro ​​and announced a healthy comeback.