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Korean movie of the week "Fatal"

Korean movie of the week "Fatal"

Korean movie of the week"Fatal"(2012)

Directed byLee Don-ku

WithNam Yeon-woo,Yang Jo-a,Hong Jeong-ho,Kang Gi-doong,Kim Hee-sung,Seo Yeon-kyeong,...

Seong-gong has always been a target for school bullies. One day, the bullies drag him to the home of a fellow high school girl named Jang-mi where they take turns raping her and forcing Seong-gong to do the same against his wish. Ten years later, Seong-gong encounters Jang-mi again at a church, and thereafter he pursues his life seeking her forgiveness without confessing that he was one of offenders. But, when he realizes that Jang-mi is still traumatized, he seeks out the bullies again.

Release date in Korea : 2013/08/22

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Korean movie of the week "Fatal"
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