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Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na head to the amusement park to enjoy their time together on tvN’s “Touch Your Heart”!

'I can feel the heart' Lee Dong-wook and Yu-in enjoy the date of the playground.


The TVN drama drama 'The heart is reaching' has released the steel of Kwon Jeong-rok (Dong-wook min) - Oh Jin-seom (Yeomyeong Oh Yoon Seo, Yoo In Na)

In the open Steel Gongjung Rock - Oh Jin - sik visited the playground in the middle of the night. The smiles of the two people facing each other are exciting to seeers. This is an event prepared by Kwon Jeong-rok for his sincerity. 'Love Chi' Kwon Jeong-rok is going to see another effort for her love.


Especially, it seems that he sees the true meaning of Oh-sinc. Afterwards, Kwon Jeong-rok's face gazing at the sincere heart with a sweet smile and gentle eyes followed. Indeed, Kwon Jeong-rok gives us a sense of anticipation about what kind of event we have prepared for her sincerity.


On the other hand, one day when the 'heart is reaching', Korea's representative actor Oh Jin-soo, who has fallen into a law firm like drama, will be broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 on every Thursday and Thursday with a romance of a space goddess camouflage,