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Lee Je Hoon and Seo Hyun Jin have been honored by the President for their exemplary behavior as taxpayers!

Celebrity Seo Hyun-jin and Lee Je-hoon said that was this year appointed to the IRS To Promote . In addition, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix won the 'High Tax Payer' award for a one-year tax amount due to the boom in the semiconductor industry 


The National Tax Service announced that it held the '53rd Taxpayers Day' commemoration ceremony at the COEX Convention Center in Seoul on April 4 to recognize taxpayers who belonged to them in 2017. 

At the event, 279 exemplary taxpayers, 59 cleaning partners, 219 civil servants, and 8 excellent organizations received awards. The total number of outstanding taxpayers is 1,089. Eunhwa PNC (Representative Lee Jong-nam) for the Golden Tower Order Medal and Song-Eun Medical Property (Kim, Yong-Gu) and Korea Temple (Representative Director Ha Sung-Dae) won the Silver Tower Order of Merit. 


Daewon Precision (CEO Kim Moo-yeol), actor Seo Hyeon-jin and Lee Hoon-hoon received the Presidential Citation, 24 others such as Nam Pyeong Hait received the Prime Minister's Award, and 500 others such as Samhwa Industry (representative Chung Bong-soo) received the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance. 

In particular, Seo Hyeon-jin and Lee Hyeon-hoon will be promoted as public relations ambassadors for the Internal Revenue Service next month. Last year, the public relations team was actors Kim Hye Su and Ham Jung Woo.


Samsung Electronics and other 16 companies have earned the highest taxpayers 'taxpayers' pace since they recorded the highest earnings ever recorded. The high taxpayer towers are awarded to corporations that paid more than 100 billion won in annual tax. If you have received more than 100 billion won in the past, give it again. 

Samsung Electronics won the 'National Tax 6.8 trillion won tower' in 2017 with the semiconductor boom. SK Hynix also received a national tax of 2.20 trillion won for its new corporate tax payment record. 

In addition, Hana Bank has won the top prize of 600 billion won for the national tax, GS Caltex for the 400 billion won top tax, Naver for the national tax of 300 billion won, Yeocheon NCC and SK General Chemical for the nine hundred million won for the national tax, The company won the "National Tax 100 billion won tower" respectively. Standard taxpayers receive special benefits such as tax investigation and deferment of payment depending on their grades, as well as lending rates, credit evaluation, airport entry and exit. 


On the other hand, the Internal Revenue Service has commemorated the taxpayers' day on their own by appointing the taxpayers with honorary duties and the honorary citation service director at the local tax offices and local tax offices. 

We invite best taxpayers, cleaning associates and their families to hold KBS open concert and open youth tax literacy work competition for elementary, junior high, and high school students. 

Ji-hoon was selected as a model taxpayer by the National Tax Service at the 53rd anniversary of the Taxpayers Day and won the Presidential Citation. The best taxpayers are selected through rigorous examination according to the standard taxpayers' selection criteria. 

The National Tax Service said, "Actor Lee Ji-hoon contributed to creating a culture of diligent taxation by trying to fulfill the duty of the people through sincere tax payment." 

Lee Ji-hoon is steadily strengthening his position as an actor who believes in the act of ringing his heart through drama and film. In particular, he continues to make meaningful steps leading up to patriotism and publicizing our history through numerous works such as 'Park' and 'I Can Spark'. In addition, Ji Hoon is an ambassador for promoting Oxfam as an international relief and development agency, and is also making emergency relief efforts. 

Jihoon said, "I am honored to be selected as a model taxpayer, and I am truly grateful for the great award of the Presidential Commendation. I will continue to make efforts to fulfill my obligations by paying the tax even more faithfully."