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Lee Se Young and Yeo Jin Goo will be going on a romantic trip to the seaside on “The Crowned Clown.”

The man who became the king of the moonwalk TVN 'King of the King' (play Kim Sun-duk / director Kim Hee-won / production studio dragon) who is continuing the hot increase with breaking the double-digit ratings of the ma "Yeoseo Couple" Ye Jin-gu (Hae Sun Station) - Lee Se-young (Yoo Soon Station), which has gained full support from viewers, 


In the still steel genre, Seo Jin-gu and Lee Se-young are making eye-catching eyebrows in the background of the endless horizon. It is so beautiful that the body of the dragon of the ezine which resembles the sea color and the flower pink cherry jogori of Lee Se-young are scattered in the sea breeze. 

In addition, Lee Se-young's hand grabbed the hands of the delicate eye of Ye Jin-gu, such an ejaculation of Lee Se-young, looking at the affectionate eyes, 'lover of the heavenly world' is not an exaggeration to say. As such, the 'King and the Rain' exhibiting the most advanced chemistry, they will support their silkworms. 

Meanwhile, in the 13th, "The King of Man", Sowun revealed that the white tea that he had drank during the past was the car that caused the infertility and the background was the contrast (Jang Young-nam). So disappointed, Sowan poured his tears into his arms and made his viewers cry out. 


In addition, the outraged submarine is in a situation where it is said that it will obscure the preparation. It is noteworthy whether or not such a windy submarine-sowun will eventually reach a silk road ending.

In the meantime, this scene was shot at Seungha University in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do. In the meantime, the 'King of the Man' has been well received as a rich mise-en-scene by capturing the beautiful natural scenery of the whole country, including Hapcheon Mt. Hapcheon, Chilgok Palgongsan Gassan Rock, Anmyeondo Gappo Beach. 

Again, the expectation is amplified in the broadcast of 'The Man Who Becomes King', which will satisfy the eyes of viewers with a beautiful visual impression. 

The story of a TVN monthly drama, 'The Man Who Became King', in which the king puts a clown resembling more than twins in order to escape from his life. Today (25th) is broadcast 14 times at 9:30 in the night.