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Long-term celebrity couples fans are hoping will be heading down the aisle!

This year, a couple of longevity couples in the entertainment industry started their sweet honeymoon.


Comedians Hong Yoon-hwa and Kim Min-ki married at the end of 9 years of devotion. Singer spider and actor JongSeokSeon couple also became a couple after the end of 5 years love affair.

In the entertainment world, there are couples who have been envious of their love for a long time.

I gathered 5 pairs of "longevity couple" representing the entertainment industry who made me wonder when I was going to have a wedding ceremony.


1. Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho


Girls' Generation swimming and actor Jung Kyung-ho who are in love for 6 years now. The two men began dating in 2012 and officially recognized their devotion in 2014.

Two people who have never fought during a romance get the envy of those who see it as an al -

Chung Kyung-ho has announced an ambitious plan to propose to his sweetheart when he receives an "Actor in an Actor."


2. Honey Lee & Yoon Kye Sang


Actor Lee Seon-hee and Yun Gyeong-sang have been meeting for the sixth year since 2013.

The two are warming up with sweet love affection such as raising a friend 'thank you' and 'I'.


3. Lee Chung Ah & Lee Ki Woo


In 2011, she acted in the TVN 'Ramen Noodle Shop' and acted as a love actor.

The two people are growing love for the sixth year in 2013, openly acknowledging their devotion.


4. Shin Min Ah & Kim Woo Bin


Actor Shin Min-a and Kim Woo-bing have been open-minded for three years. The two have admitted to meeting in 2015.

After Kim Woo-bum notified of the fact that he was suffering from the disease, he was caught up in the scene of the two people's date.


5. Beenzino & Stefanie Michova


Rapper binzino and model Stephanie Miko bar have been meeting for four years. The two began public devotion in 2015.

Mikio Bar, who became a 'rubber shin' after Vince Gino's enlistment, showed off his sweetheart with his boyfriend and made a lively debut.