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MAMAMOO entertained radio listeners through SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”!

Mamma Muga has released various stories about the new song. 


Momma appeared in SBS Power FM 'Power Time of Choi Hwa Jung' on 19th. 

Asked what the new song 'Gogo Bebe' means, Mama Moo said, "It is a new word that means 'Let's play together, let's go and enjoy'." Asked whether he expected it to be good when he first heard about 'Go Go Bebe', he said, "It seems that a vague belief is always in place when the dancer makes a song, and this song is good. 

"Gargo Bebe" about the concept of costume, "Patrick, casual dress while playing," he explained. When Choi asked, "What kind of style do you usually wear when you want to decorate it," he said, "I like to wear comfortably because I wear so many clothes on stage." Hwaseon said, "I like the dress so much, I put a simple one on the slip dress." 


"I do not like the members but I do not like the members," said Sola. "I made suggestions on how to enjoy barefoot on stage, "He said. "The reason for this is because we have made a dress so that we can decorate a stage, we wear dolls, we do everything, and the bare feet feel so easy and hearty."

When asked about Solar's YouTube content 'Solar Attempt', Solar said, "I am trying to do a lot of things. "What most people have seen is that they shared the lipstick color that I wrote." 

Hwaseon also said, "My sister is so good at doing so well, and she is good at it," and Munmyeong said, "My sister said she can do the healing while doing it." 

When asked about the testimony of her solo career, Hwaseon said, "I've always been on the team stage, but I was in a lot of pressure because I was going to stand on my own, because I had to take the stage alone." "But on the other hand, it was a great opportunity for me to learn a lot. 

"I was worried that I could do well," he said. "I watched from the bottom and said, 'I had to do what I was doing.'" 


On the other hand, the martial arts showed off 15kg weight loss through past diet. "When I left the company, I was very eager to do my practice so that I would be able to practice together," he said. "I almost got out of the house in about a month and a half, and so I took it out." 

"I have a simple diet,

Finally, Mama Moo announced that she had a great time in 'Choi Phatta', informing her about Mama Mu concert which starts on the 19th of this month.