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MAMAMOO’s Hwasa made an appearance on SBS’s variety show “We Will Channel You.”

Mama Moo Hwa - sa came out of the stage with the honest appearance of human anhyejin.
On May 21, SBS 'Horizontal Channel' appeared with Mamma Muka.


Flowers weigh in on the transverse channel. Body fat percentage was lower than standard, but muscle mass was also lower. "I actually slept with chicken, cake, and ice water at 3 am yesterday," he said. "I have a bad habit of eating at home and eating at dawn."

Hwasa solved the pain of the hidden family history, human anhyejin.

Kang Ho-dong said, "I hear the news that my real name is An Hye Jin, but he is angry because he is angry and angry." The reason for this was that the parents were not able to come to school because of the IMF, but they came for a while when they did the 1st in the school arts and sports clubs. "It was a win for me."


Then, Hwasa confided in a sad story about her uncle. He said, "The house was very difficult. My uncle helped me to live in Seoul. My uncle, who was not married, woke up and gave me so much love until I woke up."

"My uncle was the first to say that I had a traffic accident, but my uncle called my dad, and after that, my uncle died in a traffic accident, and I suddenly lost my precious person, I want to see it. "

I honestly broke up with the love story. On this day, Hwasee explained about the "idiot" song. At that time, MC Ganghodong asked, "So who was that idiot?" "The first and last meeting was winter, and I followed him for a year, and he refused, and when he had a good meeting, he fell into my charm" said.
"It was a love story in Seoul, and it delivered me love at 5 am," he said. In the meantime, Hwaseon said, "It is not an entertainer."

Hwang, who gathered the topic in the exposure fashion, said in the accusing comment that "it exposes to float", "it was rather uncomfortable than it was". He said, "I am not?" I made these fingernails before my debut, and I just did what I was doing, but at some point I seem to have seen it. "

Hwasan, who caused the moktomtae soy sauce crab and Kim bugak lara, showed the food for the first time. Hwaseon showed off a sense of direct food in the house of the white house, which was a hidden restaurant. Hwaseon explained, "It is the place to take only friendly people."

Gang Ho-dong, who saw this award, was excited by saying, "Get your hands off the gulp. This is the real food." Hwaseon showed off the admiration of two MCs by showing a delicious food parlor as a food goddess. Then, Yang said, "Mr. Hwasa has to pay 100 million won for his performance, and he has to take" a book of restaurants. "