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Male actors whose casual daily fashion choices serve as the perfect inspiration for the “college boyfriend” look

This is one of the words that college "newbies" have to wear in their mouths when they have to wear their uniforms every day.


Most newbies are motivated or want to give good image to seniors.

"Do not you hear the sound of 'Fadamot'?", "What style can appeal to a reasoned person interested?"

I introduce the appearance of fashionistas male actors who are representative businesses of the entertainment industry which can be a reference for such 'newbies'.

From modern look to sophisticated fashion style, we gathered stars with unique fashion sense, so let's take a look at their SNS.


1. Nam Ju-hyeok


Actor Nam Joo Hyeok boasts a fashionable hanbok fashion as a model.

He is proud of his extraordinary proportions by 187cm in height and he likes to wear jeans and dandy and modern look.

If you want to feel the sensation of the early 20s in the sense of the catchy, let's take a look at Nam Joo Hyuk's style.


2. Gong Myung


The film 'The Ultimate Profession' through the actor as well as the reputation of outstanding talent was also attracted to the attention of fans.

Resonance has emerged as the emerging leader of 'Nam-chan 짤', with perfect proportions in a unique fashion sense.

He usually likes to wear a buffet top, and he prefers cute fashion that stimulates his protective image instinct like his image.


3. Cho Seung-woo


Jo Seung-woo, 40, is 40 years old and is known as a fashionista, a representative of the entertainment industry, as a young fashion sense owner.

He has a neat sense of riding comfort and has a style that men can easily refer to.

If you give excessive force to your clothes, you will get rid of it. Let's take a look at the simple yet sophisticated look of Cho Seung-woo.


4. Ryu, Jun-yeol


Ryu Joon-hee, who has a tall 183cm height, is also an entertainer with a sense of fashion that young men should refer to.

He enjoys basic and modern costumes.

Ryu Joon-yeol's uniform, which boasts a sophisticated style with a casual feel that does not seem to be decorated, is often picked by many women as a 'look that they want to wear on their husbands'.


5. Kim Young Dae


Kim Young-dae, who became a topic of resemblance to Gang Dong-won, boasts a warm-headed sense of well-being.

From a comfortable hoodie to a neat jacket, let's take a look at his style of matching and matching various outfits to perfect a 'college student look'.