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Many “Devilish Joy” actors including Song Ha Yoon and Lee Joo Yeon are still awaiting payment

The drama-MBN drama 'The joy of Matsun' (directed by Choi Ji-yeon, directed by Kim Gamam) The drama 'The Joy of Matsu', which lasted on October 25, last year, is suffering from the faltering of the problems of the casting charges such as Song Hae Yun and Lee Ju Yeon. Golden Thumb Pictures, the maker of "Joy of Maseong", promised to pay the full fee until December 31, the last day of last year, but eventually passed the deadline, and legal liability could not be avoided. 
Golden Thorpex said, "The payment of the performance fee has been paid to the Sports Chosun, but it has been paid to another account due to the error and is being resolved again. The incentive due to the sale of copyright will come in January. I will try my best to solve it smoothly, and I will try to pay it within the year as much as possible, "but actor agencies said," It has not been paid yet. " 
JYP Entertainment is in a position to respond hard. JYP Entertainment said it will launch all possible legal measures, including civilian measures, aimed at affiliated companies related to the unpaid wages of "Joy of Martens" in sports shipbuilding. Mystique Entertainment told Sports Sports Korea that "I will do my best at the company level."
Golden Thumb Pictures, which had been in discussions due to unpaid bonuses, made a verbal promise to pay all unpaid wages by the end of December, but it is not known whether it will actually be paid. An agency official said, "Even after the unpaid accrual, the amount received until now is 0 won." "It is unclear how far we will be able to receive it even after that. , MBN dramax, and Golden Thorme. " 
On the other hand, Choi Jin-hyuk was the only actor to receive the full performance fee, and Lee Ho-won received the performance fee. However, Jang In-seop, a company such as Choi Jin-hyuk, is reportedly not receiving the performance fee for the 4th. Other actors are also being paid unpaid. Except for Song Hae-yoon and Lee Ju-yeon, who did not receive the full amount, some of the actors' performances were not paid and the damage caused by them was serious.