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MelodyDay will be releasing new music soon

Yoo Eun, the leader of 'Girl Group Kangwang' Melody Day, has been featured in the KBS daily drama 'The House of Dolls' OST protagonist. "It is going to be released at noon on the 21st," said Kroe Entertainment, a member of KBS 's "KBS TV drama' OST '. 


Yoon Eun Eun, the leader of the melody day and a strong main vocal, has been a member of a wide range of musical spectrum and ability, focusing on various vocal activities such as OST and featured works. Yoon Eun, who has been proven her singing ability early on in MBC 'Masked Wang', is one of the most influential female vocalists in the music industry. 

Melody Day is a love song that is a song of a brilliant brass pop genre with a drama 'House of Dolls' OST 'I have to say'. 

This song, with a whistling sound and a softness between the shy lyrics and the song, full of irritability, meets with the vocalist Yi Eun 's wide singing ability and adds to the feeling of life. Here's a famous composer and I found that the coma (Kim Kyung-bum) and hit song lyrics were written by Good Choice and Lee Jin-jin. Melody Day, a four-member girl group with Jae-eun, has been singing various masterpieces of OST so far as to have a reputation as 'Cinderella of OST system' before debut.

 In addition to the drama 'My Daughter Seoyoung Lee', 'The Lord's Sun', 'Let's Answer 1988', 'Sameday Party - Light Diary' and so on, member Cha Hee recently participated in the ' Melody Dee is in charge of the famous drama installation song, and all members are recognized for their talents. Yeeun and other members Cha Hee, Yimin recently appeared on the KBS audition program 'The Unit' 


On the other hand, KBS daily drama 'The House of Dolls', which Yee Eun participated in, will be released on each online music site at noon on the 21st.