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On the January 24 broadcast of “Idol Radio,” ASTRO appeared as guests on the show

group Astro (ASTRO) has exuded the charm of Beagle Stone. 

Astro appeared on MBC standard FM 'Idol Radio' broadcast on the last 24 days. 


On this day, MJ opened the song with live trot karaoke. MJ perfected the 'unconditional' of Park Sang-cheol with the karaoke accompaniment and showed off his talent as an unexpected trot singer, and the other members went out on stage together and raised the atmosphere with unusual choreography and stage manners. Astro then showed six complete medley dances, including 'I should have caught', 'Confession', 'Breathing Gaze', 'Hide and Seek', 'You are it' 

In the corner where the truthfulness is revealed, the so-called 'TMI' (Too much information) party was held. "I want to eat again," he said. "I want to eat again," he said, adding that he wanted to eat expensive rice. He said, "I had a lot to learn, but until the sun came up (Lakki), I helped him all night." He replied, "I want to buy you a bath." 


He pointed out MJ as an unsuited member of Yongsan. MJ said, "My brother is so noisy in the beauty salon these days." MJ said, "I enjoyed my activity for a long time and I wanted to make you a little happier."

Astro also had time to introduce his first full-length album, "All Light," which he released three years after his debut. Moonbin said, "Aroha (Astro Fandom people) and Astro are gathered together to mean 'Light is the only album that means walking' was introduced. Shin Jin confidently expressed his enthusiasm for the title song "All Night (Call Me)," saying, "If you listen, you will feel that Astro has grown." Cha said, "I'm proud of her as a member" about MJ's song "Fiona, Ginraki, the most trained member of the group, said, "I practiced with Moonbyeong for almost 7 years, and that it was a success that I made a full-length album with the Astrolan group." 


'Idol Radio' will be broadcast live on VLIVE from 9 to 10 pm on weekdays. The relayed contents will be broadcast on MBC standard FM (Seoul 95.9MHz) and MBC radio application mini on the next day from 12:05 am to 1:00 pm (12:00 am to 1:00 pm on weekends).