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Park Hae Jin spent an extremely meaningful Christmas Eve this year

Actor Park Hae-jin had a more meaningful Christmas. Park Hae-jin had a happy time with his children in search of Hye-won Won, a children's welfare institution located in Namsan, Seoul, where he helps himself on Christmas Eve. 
Park has donated 50 million won to his birthday in 2015 and has made a relationship with HyeSim Won. He has been donating and volunteering for many years. In particular, he taught the children how to help others with briquetting, and every year they sent snacks to their children's athletic meet. This year, I also visited HyeSimwon with 100 children 's lunch, snacks and fruits. 
Park Hae-jin's fans also donated 20 boxes of items such as wet tissues, school supplies, and clothing to help the actors in good faith. 

Park Hae-jin, who is also an honorary firefighter of the Fire Department, worked with the Chief of the Fire Department of Jeong Moon-ho to inspect the safety of firefighting, install new fire-fighting equipment and medical emergency that children can use when injured during outdoor activities. In addition, we have continued to donate gifts and beautiful stories of goodwill by sending items to the Children's Welfare Center in Gangnam,
This year, Park HaeJin and the fire department together with various activities got together with the news of Park Hae Jin. On this day, Hong Saerom and Kim Eun Soo also acted together. In this way, the visit of HyeSim on this day was accompanied by Park HaeJin as well as fans of new actors and Park HaeJin, and the Fire Department realized that "the more you share, the bigger it gets together." 
Park Hae-jin, who practiced the meaning of true Christmas sharing his love with his neighbors, said, "I want to continue contributing to the happiness of our future children."