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Park Hae Jin was confirmed for the drama “Secret” with Jo Bo Ah

Joe Boa turns into a surgeon. 


The drama 'Secret' (gaeseul) (drama Lee Sun Young / directing Oh Jongrok) is confirmed, and will draw a doctor filled with emotions and charming fuller charm. 

The drama 'Secret' is a work that depicts the characters who have realistic desires to heal the wounds in their minds that are not happy because they are gathered in a space called 'Forest' and realize the nature of happiness. 


Joe Boa is going to show enthusiastic and aggressive doctors in all things with his unwavering acting as a resident of 'Jung Young-jae', the resident residence of the best university hospital in Korea. There is a lot of expectation for the character to be drawn by Joe Boa, who has played a new role in each work and has grown in acting ability. 


On the other hand, SBS 'Revenge is back,' which last February, and 'Joo Boa', unlike national treasure visuals, plays the role of 'Son Soo Jung' New Loch Queen 'has received much love in the face. 

The drama 'Secret' starring Jo Boa, who will become a surgeon, is scheduled to be released in the second half of this year.