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Park Hae Jin will officially be starring in the upcoming drama “Secret” (working title)!

The actor Park Hae-jin confirmed his appearance in the drama 'Secret' (gauze), and will show his debut romance water. 

In the morning of the 15th, the company's Mountain Movement company announced that "Park Hae-jin has confirmed 'Secret' as the first drama of the year. It is the romance water for the first time after his debut. He said. 


'Secret' is a work that depicts the characters who have realistic desires to heal the wounds of their hearts that are not happy with their memories gathered in a space called 'Forest' and realize the essence of happiness. 

It is expected to be a drama that conveys the message of deep emotion and humanity to the modern people who always seek 'healing' in complex and tired lives. 

Park, Hae Jin, is a 119 special rescue crew member who rescues a person on a helicopter. San Hyuk is a perfect example of 'romance' with picturesque appearance, animal sensation and extraordinary hair, but it is a person who loses his childhood memories. 

In particular, since 2005, Park has continued to provide firefighter support and donation activities since 2016, adding to the appearance. Last year, he was appointed as an honorary fire fighter at the Fire Department. 

The production was performed by Oh Jong-rok PD, who succeeded in making big works with various genres including SBS 'Piano' and 'Style'. Lee Sunyoung writes here. This artist won the Grand Prize at the 2002 KBS Drama Competition, showed a drama special "Great Coffee", and a mini series "Snow White". 

On the other hand, Park said, "We will have a busiest year to go on filming in the first half of 'Secret' with foreign activities such as Valentine's Day celebration in February and Japan fan meeting."