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Park Hoon recently sat down for an interview to talk about his latest drama “Memories of the Alhambra.”

Park Hyun, who appeared in 'Memories of Alhambra Palace', praised the acting power of EXO member chan. 

Park, who recently met at Alcove Hotel in Seoul, Seoul, expressed his love for the actors who appeared in the memories of Alhambra Palace. 

Park said, "I played with Hyun Bin mainly because I tried to communicate with other actors. My age was just in the middle (atmosphere maker)," he said. 

After that, I got up to real-time search because I uploaded a picture of Park Shin-hye together with SNS, and he is a good friend (haha). 


In particular, Park did not hesitate to praise Exo-chan, who plays the role of Seju, as a "good friend". 

"I first met in Spain, but I thought I was a good friend," he said. "Now I have a chat in the chat room."

In the meantime, it seems like the first episode of the actress called me a "bad person" in the beginning, so that I was able to postpone my character's character until the second half of the drama. Thanks to the festival, the exo concert has also come. " 

On the other hand, 'memories of Alhambra palace' last year ended with the average number of households with cable, IPTV, satellite integrated pay-TV ratings of 9.9%, up 11.2%. 

Park, who plays Yu-jin (Hyun Bin) rivals Cha Hyung-suk, showed a detailed smoke variation in a different mood, in a different atmosphere, driving her opponent in anger, leading to coldness and rejuvenation. 

Not only that, but Park 's act of playing the action with a sparkling action without the words of a dialogue made it impossible to keep an eye on the screen. He will be appearing on SBS 'Hatch' as ​​his next work, and will perform another performance.