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Park Jin Young attended the press conference for the upcoming program “Super Intern”

boasted a "super intern" Park Jin Young JYP The growth and adoption system. 


At the presentation of Mnet 'Super Intern' at the Stanford Hotel in Sangam-dong, on the 24th, Park Jin-young said, "It's been 20 years since I started the company. At first, there were three employees. I, Bang, Shikhyuk and the accounting team were all. Now my colleagues are close to 300. I grew up about 10 times, but the talents I needed so much came back then. " 

"I think that many of the people I have helped would not have been helpful to our company if they were grown up with infused training. There are few such people. There are a lot of people who imagine the wrong, and who are engaged in singer and music. But as the company grew, the recruitment system of our company became more like the recruitment system of other companies. The filtering of human resources has become an academic issue. " 
"The employees I need now are ridiculous and offer new ideas. They were likely to be filtered out in a paper interview. So I did a 'super intern' and I felt it in the answer of people who have lost their imaginative imagination. I had to seriously worry about how strange and ingenious friends could get in. I felt and learned a lot while broadcasting. I hope that other entrepreneurs will see and change their minds. " 


'Super intern' is a selection program to find new talents to work at JYP, Korea's leading entertainment company. I received an applicant through the Mnet homepage until November 18 last year without any limitations on my age, sex, academic background, and career. Their story will be broadcast at 8 pm on the 24th.