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Rainbow ex-member Hyunyoung to star in upcoming web-drama "Justice Team"

Rainbow ex-member Hyunyoung to star in upcoming web-drama "Justice Team"

Hyunyoungwho used to be in Rainbow, is starring in the web-drama called"Justice Team".

"Justice Team"is an criminal investigation drama based on the female children criminal investigations department and the recent crimes involving social issues.

In the four-part drama appear various legal policies that protect victims from crimes that actually exist in real life. The Ministry of Justice played a part in producing the drama, making it more realistic. Unlike other criminal investigation dramas, this one is focused more on the protection of victims and not the criminals.

Hyunyoungis making her first official movement since she quit Rainbow and takes on the character of a criminal victim.

The cast includesHan Sang-jin,Seong Ji-roo,Shin So-yul,Hyunyoung(Rainbow), Jeong Ah (After School),Lee Hyeon-kyeong,Lee Dong-hoon, Ahn Gi-yeong,Jeong Yoon-min, Kim Ji-yoo, Kwon Soo-jeong (child actress), Ko Na-hee (child actress) and cameos byLee Joon-hyeokand comedianKim Kyeong-jin.

The first teaser will be released on Naver TV Cast in December.

Source from :Hancinema