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SBS’s new weekend drama “Secret Mother” has viewers intrigued with its promise of intense drama and suspense in the latest teaser

SBS 's secret project "Secret Mother" (play Hwang Yejin, director Yongsoon Park) was at the center of the topic with the third teaser video that predicted the tragedy of the tragedy a year ago and the people who will come from it a year ago. 
The third teaser video of 'Secret Mother' was broadcasted on the 5th (Saturday) just after the last episode of 'Good Witches' was broadcasted. The video itself was an urgency from the beginning. The doctor Kim Yoon-jin (Song Yoon-a) appears to be struggling with the lady with the blue high heels and then looking crazy for 'Min-ji' in a pouring jangbi. The incident, described as "a medical accident a year ago," is also related to the reason why Yun Jin is doing everything he can to protect his past while hiding his past. . 

It was not only the accident of the day. In the following video, Yoon Jae-hun's husband, Han Jae-yul (Kim Tae-woo), who is the husband of Yoon-seon, is looking at the incident file and showing his uneasy eyes. Detective Hwang Jung-wan (Song Jae-rim) looks at the leaflet of the hit-and-run incident and expresses his firm commitment to look for one. The story of those who were recorded as "the disappearance accident of the day" heightens the curiosity and expectation of this broadcast, suggesting that the "day" will become an inflection point in the life of many a year ago.

And the video shows the faces of mothers of townhouses who will return to the present and face the crisis with the appearance of questionnaire Kim Eun Young (Lisa Kim / Kim So Yeon) and her presence. Kim Yoon-jin, who showed up after Song Ji-ae (Ohnye Ahn), Myeonghwa Sook (Kim Jae-hwa), and Kang Hye-kyung (Seo Young Hee), who are trembling with fear, is making a sullen look. "And the ambience of the image turns to the extreme. 
This key scene, defined as 'three events, two people, one suspect', means that all tragedies started a year ago, and that Kim Yoon-jin and Kim Eun-yong are inseparable relations, interested in their secret stories have. 

"Secret Mother," which focuses attention on revealing high-quality teaser images in turn, is a War Mans thriller that comes into being when a mothers' A friendship and crisis will unfold unexpectedly. 'Secret Mother' will be broadcasted at 8:55 pm on Saturday the 12th.