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Shin Se Kyung Reveals The Secret Ingredient That Helps Her Prepare For New Projects

Shin Se Kyung shared the unique way she prepares for new projects in the recent pictorial with fashion magazine Cosmopolitan!


Shin Se Kyung displayed two different styles in her Cosmopolitan pictorial featuring a variety of perfumes. While she gave off a mature womanly vibe in a black dress, she also presented a youthful look with a pink taxi driver hat.



Following the photo shoot, Shin Se Kyung shared her secret to how she prepares herself when beginning new projects.  The actress said, “When there is a new project coming up, I like to pick a perfume that matches my character. I only use that perfume throughout the whole project.”


She continued, “I believe that each scent has the capability to represent a certain time period of life. Later when I come across a particular scent again, it reminds me of the time and the work I was doing while wearing the perfume.”



In the end, Shin Se Kyung also shared her favorite type of scent. The actress said, “I like the smell of nature like trees and grass.”
What’s your favorite kind of fragrance?