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Shin Sung Rok has suffered an injury on set of SBS’s “The Last Empress”

Actor Shin Sung-rok is injured in SBS drama 'style of the Empress' shooting. 
An official of Shin Sung-rok said on the 19th daily Economy Star Today that "Shinsungrok had broken his toe during filming" Empress of the Empress "yesterday (18th). "I'm going to have an operation today and I'll be back at the hospital tomorrow after being treated at the hospital." 
An official said, "There are no injuries other than toe injuries." 

On the other hand, Shin Sungrock is appearing as Emperor Lee Hyuk of the Korean empire in the current drama 'The Empress of the Empress'. Although he is the King of the people, he is in the midst of his villain, revealing his relationship with Min Yura (Elijah) and Empress Ohni (Jang Nara).